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Wunderland is our invitation to you to join us in this colourful, joyful space of wonder:
Where creativity and fun dovetails with non-toxic, holistic living!

We love how Lily Diamond (@kaleandcaramel) describes this wholehearted way of life.
"What you use in the kitchen should be pure enough to apply to your skin. And what you slather on your body should be pure enough to eat. This closed circuit of nourishment will naturally reconnect you with a way of living that is tactile, sensorial, and closer to the earth."

In every experience we create and share -
be it overnight stays in our Sanctuary, our handcrafted organic paleo-friendly cakes, natural organic beauty products, jewellery, clothing, or creative performances -
Our desire is to leave you, our guests and patrons, feeling inspired and empowered, with a greater sense of your intrinsic value, worth and belonging.

10% of our profits goes toward supporting worthy causes.