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The Story Behind This Beginning

Hello for the first time!

To begin, I want to share with you a significant story from the journey I have been on, that is a large part of the reason why I am starting this blog.

When I was 5, my family moved from Vancouver, where I was born, to Singapore. I was told that during the move, I broke out in symptoms of eczema for the first time. This turned into a chronic illness that not only plagued me, but worsened over the next close to two decades of my life.

As a child, I was brought to dermatologists frequently, who proclaimed that there was “no cure” and that I was doomed to a life of only managing these horrendously itchy symptoms with steroid creams and anti-histamines. I remember feeling like the odd one out as a young girl at school, as advice to stay out of the sun and avoid sweating meant I was unable to take part in sports classes and events.

From the time I turned 16, I began to believe in the incredible significance diet played in one’s performance and well-bring, and developed a passion for “making healthy food tasty”. I must say, with incredible gratitude, that my understanding of what a healthy diet is, has grown and evolved over the years that followed, with great benefit for my health.

So, it was a mere 2 years ago, on one particular day when my husband and I, along with our then 1-year old son, were shopping at About Life – one of the organic grocers we frequented while we lived in Sydney – that an epiphany moment came.

At that time, large areas of my skin, such as the creases behind my elbows, knees, neck, and even my face, were covered with red, flaky, inflamed patches that wouldn’t stop itching day or night. As this had been the reality in my life for years, I had become maladapted to the symptoms, living in a bare survival mode, where the itch and pain constantly consumed a great deal of my attention on a sub-conscious level.

Because of my love for releasing creativity through food, I was drawn to the cookbooks for sale at About Life. I began to read each one, and noticed that in the preface of each cookbook, there were testimonies about how the authors or their children had suffered from a chronic skin illness or auto-immune disease, and by focusing on gut health, they are now able to live free of the symptoms that once plagued them.

That too, thankfully, is my story and experience. After going through a focused, intentional period of gut healing, for the last year and a half, I have been living free from the symptoms of eczema 95% of the time.

With this story, I want to extend an invitation to you – to journey alongside me in the coming days as I share insights that I have gained on health, motherhood and creativity.

As I undertake this privilege, I promise you, my friend, to never stop learning & growing! I believe that at any given point in time, there is always a key – a missing piece of the puzzle, if you will – that can take the various aspects of my life and those of my family’s to the next level.

Will you join me in this quest to gain a deeper & greater understanding of the things that are truly important in life?

With wisdom and wonder,

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  1. Wow that’s sounds amazing and I’m happy for you. Currently I’m in a phase to learn more about gut health because I also have skin problems (since I can think I had never a good skin I guess) especially fave and arms. And also struggle with my digestion. would love to hear about advices and about your way,maybe we have a similar ♥️ Wish you all the best

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