The Magic Of ‘Get To’

Recently, one night before I went to bed, I prayed, “Give me fresh eyes to see those closest to my heart. Awaken my heart to the wonder of who they are.”

The next morning, as my five month-old Serenity-Light and I were gazing into each other’s eyes after a nappy change, the words ‘get to’ popped into my head, and I begin to sing,

“I get to love you,

I get to be with you,

I get to watch you grow, my baby!”

Get to.

As hard as I was trying daily to show my girl through my smiles and eye to eye connection to establish her joy center, the repetitive effort had become rote.

How easily the beautiful things in our lives can slip into a ‘have to’ mentality, turning them subconsciously into a burden rather than a joy. Especially when they are done again & again, day after day, and we carry the weight of being the only one who can choose to fully show up and be present for the situation to make a difference!

Yet, when ‘have to’ became ‘get to’, the magic of my privilege – to have Serenity-Light in my life as my constant companion in this season, to be her mother whose presence & connection she gains security from, to be the one who catches and celebrates her moments of growth and the smiles from her heart from a front-row view – was restored.

My heart was re-awakened to the beauty of the role I played & the treasures that were available to me in this moment called today.

Her eyes lit up and she smiled as my heart caught on to this key of wisdom.

Get to.

It can turn the inconveniences of life that seemed a moment ago like subconscious burdens, back into the joy & wonder-filled privilege they first and foremost are.

It can reawaken and focus our hearts on the beauty of the simple things we get to enjoy day after day, like snuggling with our spouses or laughing with our kids.

What do you ‘get to’ do? May these simple words transport you to a place of gratitude & wonder today 💗

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    1. That is gold! I am honoured that what I shared has been really helpful to you in your journey, and love your intention & heart to do the same for others too 🙂

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