Organic Stevia Powder (Keto, Paleo, AIP, Vegan)

Organic stevia powder is an ingredient has been key to my ability to create delicious meals and desserts that are much lower in fructose than they otherwise would be.

I decided to write this post, because if you are wanting to reap the benefits of a low-fructose, paleo diet that reduces inflammation, with the help of stevia in your cooking, I want to ensure that you are saved from the possible pitfall of choosing a type of stevia that does more harm than good to your body!

The reason my family and I choose to use a certified organic stevia powder like that from WonderFoods or Nirvana, is because it has no fillers and is processed with a chemical-free process. These are really important points to note when choosing a stevia product, as the chemical solvents and fillers can be toxic to the central nervous system.

Now, how can I get around the sickly sweet aftertaste that is often left with the use of stevia in recipes, you may ask? This is important to me, as I was honestly very resistant to the thought of using stevia for quite a long period of time due to this factor in my previous experience with it, until my husband urged me to give it another chance,ย  which I am now so grateful for ๐Ÿ™‚

The secret I have found to solving this problem, is to use organic stevia powder with another natural sweetener such as raw honey, maple syrup, or coconut sugar, which can be beneficial in small amounts, depending on the state of your gut health.

The role organic stevia powder plays, in my food creations, is that it allows me to use much smaller quantities of these natural sweeteners than I otherwise would have to in order to achieve the same sweetness. This has been an incredible breakthrough for me, as the functional desserts I make are now not only tasty, but also low in fructose, on top of being organic, paleo, and high in beneficial fats, which is a combination I have found works best for how I feel, energy-wise and on the whole! I love this, as it means I can experience the joy of desserts I make regularly, while still feeling great and being full of energy at the same time ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope this has been helpful for you, and if you have any tips & tricks you have learnt from your journey regarding creating with stevia, I would love to hear them!

With wisdom and wonder,

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