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‘Holding The Fort’ vs ‘Having An Adventure’

Are you a parent? If so, this simple paradigm shift that has increased my enjoyment of & deepened my connection with my kids, could make a difference in your life too.

The phrase ‘holding the fort‘ is one I have heard commonly used in the context of when one’s spouse is away, and as a parent, we are left with the care of one or more of our children.

Unfortunately, this word picture makes me think of counting down the minutes till my husband is home, with a negative slant of things being unbearable and not much fun in the process until he is.

I honestly do love it when we are all together and connecting as a family, but I also want to enjoy the moments where I am alone with one or more of my children to the fullest.

So, the paradigm shift that I noticed has really helped me recently is that of ‘having an adventure‘.

When I am having an adventure with my children, this simple reframing helps me think more creatively as I craft our day, with my purpose now being to plan an intentional flow of events that allow us to enjoy each other, and make the most out of our time to have fun together – with our meals, activities, or the places I choose to take them.

I genuinely hope this sharing makes a difference for you 🙂

If this helps you, or you have personal stories of paradigm shifts that have increased your peace or joy as a parent, please comment below as I would love to hear from you!

With wisdom and wonder,

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